Using data to help people get active


OpenActive Digital Guiding Principles

These principles are intended to apply to everything that falls under the OpenActive digital banner, whether it’s the website, or standalone tools. They should inform what we do, and act as something to validate decisions against.

User needs

User needs should cover different areas of the sports and physical activity sector, the community built around OpenActive, OpenActive stewards (ODI team), and innovators from outside of the sector.

We should always be creating with user needs in mind, and testing our assumptions with real people wherever possible.


Things that we create must consider principles of reusability, portability, and not built to be unchanging monoliths. Where possible we should consider tools and technologies that already have an existing community around them, that are free when possible.


There should be a diversity of imagery and language across OpenActive digitally, so that we are not unintentionally excluding people who think that this isn’t for them. Web accessibility and performance should likewise be considered in order not to narrow our audience further. Non-technical users should be supported and encouraged alongside those that are more technical.

Work openly

We should share what we can about our process and our outcomes, with a view to getting more people excited about OpenActive and more people joining us.

Keep evolving

User needs now won’t be the same in six months. We should create things that have the flexibility to evolve with us, and ensure that our processes and attitudes can support this too.