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The OpenActive message can be freely and easily shared by anyone. The content here is all openly licensed, so you are free to share, edit and re-use it in any way you see fit (just make sure you keep the "OPENACTIVE.IO" attribution intact). The materials below are designed to help those who see the benefits of open data in our sector spread the word and work of the community and move our sector forward.

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Contribution welcome

Please feel free to comment on the slides provided on this page, we are always trying to make the content clearer and more concise.

Many of us are having the same conversations, if you would like to contribute to a repository of materials and collateral explaining open data in the sector, please get in touch.

The Slides

A few pixels worth a thousand words

We welcome your thoughts on which slides you think are particularly useful and others less so. Most discussions do not actually require every slide, but it can be useful to jump to the relevant slides depending on the conversation. You can download or comment on these slides, remix, and edit them as required, just make sure you keep the "OPENACTIVE.IO" attribution intact. If you're unsure of any of the content or would like to share feedback with us, please e-mail [email protected].