Using data to help people get active


iPrescribe Exercise 

An activity app that analyses health and prescribes a personalised exercise plan using an automated algorithm

A large amount of medical research shows that many chronic diseases can be managed and prevented by physical activity, sometimes with greater effect than drugs. However, many doctors do not have the time or the training to prescribe exercise as an intervention. As physiotherapists, we believe everyone should have access to a graduated and personalised exercise programme that is safe for their health.

iPrescribe Exercise analyses the user’s current situation, including their health data and resting heart rate (taking into account any coexisting chronic diseases) and prescribes a graduated and personalised exercise programme which, safely over 12 weeks, will help them to achieve the correct level of activity for their health. We are based in Epping, Essex and our programmes are based on the latest medical guidelines and scientific evidence.

Why they’re excited: We are delighted to be joining the OpenActive accelerator as it will give us a great opportunity to increase the range of activities available for our users to get active. We want to work with activity providers to ensure the needs of the less active are met and that they are given the information required to know which activity is appropriate for them.