Using data to help people get active



Onigo aims to become the largest physical activity provider in the world, without owning any facility. We create tech-enabled real-world experiences in the form of Pervasive Active Games and build communities of weekly players in local parks

Around a third of Europeans and Americans do not do enough exercise to stay in good health, because traditional activities are deemed too costly, challenging, dull or anti-social. To smash these barriers, Onigo produces immersive team adventures against the clock, delivered through your phone but brought to life in your local park - think Escape Games meet Pokemon Go!

Onigo Escapes is currently live with two adventures (a prison break and a murder mystery) in two locations (Hyde Park and Clapham Common), and with over 200 players already enjoying our adventures.

Why they’re excited: OpenActive is a fantastic opportunity to develop partnerships and use open activity data to bring Onigo’s outdoor adventures to a wider audience and get more people active!