Using data to help people get active


Outdoor Nation 

Passionate about getting more people active outdoors through adventurous activities in the UK’s National Parks and Areas of Outstanding National Beauty.

Changes in our society and economic landscape mean that the potential to grow the outdoor recreation market is huge. Yet the outdoor recreation industry is failing to address this latent potential that lies dormant across the Nation; the market is too complex, stove-piped, traditional and focused on the enthusiast. There is a need for something more compelling and user-friendly that satisfies the need of the more casual participant. We will provide a solution that will tackle this head-on, directly addressing barriers that are preventing people from getting active outdoors.

Unlike anything else in the outdoor industry, our product will bind traditionally isolated information and services in a user-friendly and personalised way to the benefit of the casual participant, rather than the enthusiast. It will also provide unprecedented benefit to outdoor activity providers by providing direct access to potential customers across the UK.

Why they’re excited: We’re excited to be working together with OpenActive and Sport England, and to have the opportunity to play a role in the brilliant national goal of getting more people active.