Using data to help people get active



A SaaS solution for unified location-based information interchange

Our vision is to make cities smarter by giving citizens the ability to instantly get information about things around them. Shout can be seen as an information marketplace where both organisations and individuals can post content covering various aspects of urban living.

For businesses of all sizes, Shout enables real-time engagement with local audiences in an unobtrusive manner. It increases footfall and allows modern communications in commercial and residential buildings.

For individuals, Shout saves time and money by enabling the user to make immediate and informed decisions to deal with everyday urban challenges. It allows them to discover highly-personalised information regarding retail highlights, pop-up events, sports and wellbeing, connected travelling, updates from public authorities, local jobs and accommodation offers.

Why they’re excited: The availability of open data has dramatically influenced our product roadmap and we’re thrilled to work with OpenActive to deliver better service to our customers.