Using data to help people get active



An award-winning AI personal running coach, solving the problem of keeping runners fit, healthy, and injury free

TrainAsONE is a personal AI running coach that solves the problem of keeping runners of all abilities fit, healthy and injury free whilst training to reach their goals. This is achieved by providing each runner with their very own AI-powered training plan that constantly adapts to the user’s individual lifestyle and every run they perform or miss.

Why they’re excited: We want to use Open Active data to make running more compelling for the less active, and to encourage additional complementary non running activities. Our initial goal is to extend our personalised training to include non-running workouts linked to available gym and personal trainer sessions, and directly incorporate running events and relevant locations. In addition, we’re keen to work with the other startups on the accelerator - enhancing their offering and helping people start running, and stay engaged, healthy and injury free.