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This page lists the booking systems that are OpenActive-enabled.

We recommend that you choose the system that is the most useful for your business or club, so that it does more for you than just opening data.

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14 booking systems have already adopted the OpenActive standards


The Athliit platform provides you with all the tools needed for sports management. It includes an intuitive management system, an integrated ticketing system, a scheduling tool, court booking and more.


BookingBug helps organisations simplify scheduling, while maximising staff and resource utilisation.


Bookwhen is the most efficient software to organise your classes, courses, workshops and events. Our ambition is to empower your business to thrive and grow.

British Cycling Let's Ride

We organise everything from huge traffic-free bike rides through major towns and cities, to small local rides which are great for families and beginners. We train volunteers to lead and inspire rides all over the country. We also allow you to organise your own group rides – all for free!


ClubSpark is an online venue management tool designed to make it easier to operate your venue.


Flexible Leisure Management software for enterprise, single clubs and education, Gladstone is the next generation platform for todays leisure operators.


If you are a GoodGym volunteer and lead a run, you don’t need to do anything at all. All GoodGym runs are automatically published as open data.


Legend is the leading software solution for driving improvements in leisure operations. It’s not just about the amazing leisure software that we design; we deliver savings and revenue gains, helping customers improve their business. We look after facilities of all sizes, from small clubs and gyms, to major public leisure and sports complexes.

Lewisham ParkLife

Effortlessly organise awesome activities in your local park at a time and a level that is right for you.

Makesweat gives local activity providers the same great online functionality as big gyms, and reduces administration effort.

Open Sessions

The free, easy way for providers to promote physical activity sessions as open data.


Playwaze provides a web and app product that helps people to organise all sorts of sports activities in one place – sessions, classes, competitions, teams, members, news, messaging, and payments, and more. It makes it easier for people to organise sport and easier for participants to play.

Table Tennis 365

Table Tennis 365 League Manager is a sophisticated internet based system designed specifically to meet the needs of local league administrators.


Organise and automate administration in your fitness business. From scheduling and billing to memberships and waivers, teamup saves you time and money by making your business run smoothly.

Other booking systems not yet compliant with OpenActive are listed below

Please click on each to read more about each booking system's current status, and feel free to help influence any of these too to join the OpenActive community and adopt the standards.