5 steps to use open opportunity data


Set your goal!

Consider how you plan to help people get active, and how open opportunity data – information about where, when and what activities take place – could help you achieve this.


Understand what data is available

Explore the available data feeds and sample OpenActive data.


Decide where to use the data

From national campaigns, to local activity finders, there are lots of ways to use the data. If you already have a digital tool like a website or app, we recommend using it there.


Decide how to consume the data

You can process & display the data yourself, or pick another option. A white-labelled widget makes it easy to feature data on a website, or a data aggregator can process it for you


Build and refine

Provide feedback on the data via GitHub or directly reach out to the data publishers. Use our marketing tools to encourage other organisations to publish open data.

“Using open opportunity data helps us to meet the needs of a wider group of people, and helps them find the right outdoor activities.”

Liz Beverley, Ordnance Survey

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Join our regular drop-in call

We host fortnightly calls that anyone can join to ask questions.


Join the OpenActive W3C community group

The W3C community group shapes the OpenActive data standards.

Join the group

A community for developers

Join our developers’ community and get support from the ODI technical team.

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Encourage others to publish open data

Help us to embed OpenActive as standard practice for the sector.

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