There are a number of ways you can get involved with OpenActive and be part of the community.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee takes a long-term and broad view in order to set and carry out the strategy of the initiative. Members are drawn from a range of organisations across the sector, each bringing their own particular expertise, to ensure that the initiative makes balanced decisions. The Steering Committee welcomes input, and considers advice received at each meeting.

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Adoption and Engagement Forum

The Adoption and Engagement Forum brings together everyone involved in advocating for OpenActive, and provides a space for sharing of progress, looking for opportunities to collaborate, and discussing the potential for OpenActive suppliers to bid for work. The Forum is open to anyone to join, and provides the Steering Committee with insights into the state of this work.

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The W3C Community Group

Where the OpenActive standards are built and maintained. It brings together the widest range of stakeholders to ensure that the standards are fit for both immediate and future use cases.

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Sustainability Working Group

The Sustainability Working Group focused on the work needed to ensure OpenActive’s sustainability beyond June 2021. It provided recommendations for the future model and direction of the initiative.

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OpenActive Champions

Our Champions programme recognised and supported members of the community dedicated to championing OpenActive. It offered training and peer-to-peer learning focused on how to advocate for OpenActive.

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Activity List Committee

The Activity List Committee ensured that the OpenActive Activity List stayed up-to-date, and met the needs of the sector and consumers. This work is now undertaken by the W3C Community Group.

Implementation Forum

The Implementation Forum was a home for everyone involved in implementing OpenActive. People came for practical advice and to discuss challenges in the technical areas of the initiative’s work.

OpenActive community members

Our open-invitation community is made up of organisations from across the sector.

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