The OpenActive Activity List is a standardised list for use as reference data in apps, systems and tools like activity finders. The OpenActive Activity List covers widely practised physical activities. It provides standardised labels and identifiers to improve accuracy and discovery. It is collaboratively maintained by the OpenActive community and aims as far as possible to be reliable, comprehensive, and complete.

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Contributing to the Activity List

If you would like to propose activities to be added to the list, if you believe you have spotted an error, or you want to suggest improvements to the list, please use the suggestion form below. Your proposal will then be reviewed and incorporated where possible.

Activity List Submission Form

Curation of the Activity List

The OpenActive team will take responsibility for curating the list.


To ensure the activity list remains fair and consistent, we will be guided by set principles that are listed below

Exceptions process

If the proposed change is not clearly beneficial when judged against the criteria or if the proposed change would affect the integrity of the activity list it will be referred to the OpenActive W3C Community Group as an exception for further consideration and a decision.

The approval of  exceptions will be guided by the criteria above and expertise of the group as owners of the list. and the role of the OpenActive W3C Community Group will be more ownership focussed. 

Reporting will be made available to the OpenActive W3C Community Group on a regular basis for review and comments, providing information on recent additions/removals and data quality.