The OpenActive Enabled badge is a circle with the words 'OpenActive Enabled' and a tickbox.

Why use the badge?

The badge is to highlight and celebrate an organisation’s commitment to OpenActive. Using the badge:

How can I use the badge?

We designed the OpenActive Enabled badge for use on websites, in email footers, in presentations – wherever you like! Provided you meet the terms below.

Reproduction and/or use of the OpenActive Enabled badge is restricted to organisations that:

Organisations must use the HTML snippet provided when using the OpenActive Enabled badge on websites, in email signatures, or in any other form of electronic representation. This HTML snippet must be used exactly as given, and is not to be changed, edited, or altered in any way.

Copy and paste:

<div class="openactive-enabled" title="OpenActive Enabled Badge"><a href="‎"><img alt="OpenActive Enabled Badge" src="" height="150" width="150" /></a></div>

The OpenActive initiative reserves the right to revoke use of the Enabled badge at any time. We may revise these terms of use by amending this page. Some of the provisions contained in these terms of use may also be replaced by provisions or notices published elsewhere on our site. The OpenActive initiative and its intellectual property is governed by English law.