Why do we have the Activity List?

The Activity List is a standardised list of physical activities that are widely practised in the UK. It provides labels and identifiers for activities to make it easier for end users to search for and find the activity they want. Anyone who runs an activity, from abseiling to zumba, can suggest additions and amendments.

The Activity List Committee ensures that the list remains up-to-date, and meets the needs of the sector. This includes reviewing and agreeing suggested changes to the list every quarter.

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Meet the Activity List Committee

Chris Norfield

Digital Marketing Lead, London Sport

Dom Fennell

Co-founder / Operations & Account Manager, imin

Ellen Goodman

Community Marketing Manager, ODI

Izy Champion

Data & Innovation Manager, Sport England

Jade Cation

Head of Business Development, EMD UK

Ricky Boardman

Research and Development Manager, Sports and Recreation Alliance

Tara Lee

OpenActive Engagement Lead, ODI

Tim Hill

OpenActive Technical Lead, ODI

Do you have feedback about the Activity List?

Activity List Submission Criteria

Understand the Activity List Committee’s framework for assessing new or amended activities.

Activity List Criteria
Add an activity to the list

Can’t see an appropriate term for an activity you offer on the list? Submit your suggestion to the Activity List Committee to review.

Suggest a new activity
Make changes to an existing activity

Have you spotted a term already on the Activity List that needs updating? Submit your suggestion to the Activity List Committee to review.

Amend an existing activity
General feedback

If you have general feedback on the Activity List, and how the Activity List Committee operates, please let us know.

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