Using data to help people get active

We want to make it as easy to find and book a badminton court as it is to book a hotel room.

We’re building a future where the opportunities sport and physical activity providers offer are no longer stuck in a single website, and can be listed in a wide range of apps and services.

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Why are we doing this?

Helping people get active and increase participation is an important part of Sport England’s Towards an Active Nation strategy.

We think working openly with the sector is the best way towards an active nation.

Activity providers

How will this benefit activity providers?

OpenActive can help you increase your visibility and allow you to reach new customers.

People Get your opportunities in front of more people.

fully-booked Find new ways to promote quiet sessions or fill spare capacity.

Tennis Describe your opportunities in a way that helps new customers decide to take part.

Using Data

What kind of services can use open opportunity data?

OpenActive has the potential to offer a near-limitless range of services. The data can be used to create generic activity finders for wide audiences, to very tailored services aimed at getting specific kinds of people active.

Magnifying Glass Enriching services that people already use to find activities and opportunities. For example, services like Change4Life.

Family Family-focused activity finders where parents can choose physical activities based on age range or skill level. For example, services like Hoop or SeeSaw.

Stethoscope Helping youth workers, social care professionals, or GPs encourage their clients or patients to get active. For example, services like Healum or Wellaware.

Upward-graph Tools that are specifically designed to help people form active habits. For example, campaigns like This Girl Can.

People Apps that emphasise the social rewards of physical activity or help someone find an option ‘for people like me’. For example, Find a Player.

Where now?

How it works

Discover how we can achieve our vision in practice.

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