A step-by-step guide


Understand the data and structure

As JSON documents, or as PDFs, it doesn’t matter how your guides are currently stored. The first step is to understand your data and how it’s structured.


Develop a trial mapping

Determine how your existing data structure relates to the OpenActive Route Guide spec. It’s also a good idea to share some sample data and consult with the ODI team at this step!


Decide on a strategy

Route Guide data can be published in a number of ways. Consider how often you will update the data and how users will access it, and then create a publishing and updating strategy.


Implement your strategy!

Depending on your strategy & capacity, the changes may be trivial, or you may need a new system. Either way, the aim is to publish data as rich & as up-to-date as your users need.


Shape the OpenActive standards

The OpenActive W3C community group holds biweekly calls to focus on improving the OpenActive data standards, and to help shape the direction of the initiative.

How and why we developed the Route Guide Specification

Crucially, going for a walk, or run, or cycle, are some of the easiest and cheapest ways to start moving more, and that is what OpenActive is all about: using open data to help people to get active.

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Publish open data about activities

A guide on how to publish data about sessions, leagues and facilities.

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Join a technical drop-in call

We host fortnightly calls that anyone can join to ask technical questions.


Use open opportunity data

Do you have a product or service that helps people get active?

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Encourage others to publish & use open data

Help us to embed OpenActive as standard practice for the sector.

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