How do you list or book your activities on your website?


I use a third-party system

Enter the name of your booking or management system provider to see if they are OpenActive-enabled, and the next steps to take.


I use a bespoke system

Your developers will need to create an OpenActive feed. We’ve put together a guide on what you will need to do.


I don’t use a system

If you don’t yet use a system to list your activities online, our guide can help you choose an OpenActive-enabled one that meets your needs.


I want to publish data about routes

How to use our Route Guide Standard to make it easier for walkers, cyclists and runners to find your routes online.

“Be brave, be bold and be ambitious. Don’t sit there and give yourself reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t do this.”

Eugene Minogue, Active Westminster


Use open opportunity data

Using open opportunity data can help you add more value for your customers.

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Encourage others to publish & use open data

Help us to embed OpenActive as standard practice for the sector.

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For developers

Join our developers’ community and get support from the ODI technical team.

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Read a case study

How one organisation reaches existing and new audiences during lockdown.

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