A step-by-step guide


Create a simple API

Build a Realtime Paged Data Exchange (RPDE) feed to allow your customers to publish their activity listings, using the OpenActive data standard, as a ‘dataset’.


Add an open licence

Make sure to publish the data under the CC-BY 4.0 license. If you don’t own the data, amend your T&Cs or add a tick box that allows customers to choose open data publishing.


Help people find the data

Create a ‘dataset’ page to help people find and use the data. The page is indexed by Google and is included in the OpenActive directory of data publishers.


Tell the world!

Use our template to tell your customers about your exciting new feature, and how they can benefit! Don’t forget to tell us too, so we can update our systems guide.


Implement the Open Booking API

The Open Booking API allows the products and services that use open opportunity data to include booking functionality, creating a seamless customer journey.


Shape the OpenActive standards

The OpenActive W3C community group holds biweekly calls to focus on improving the OpenActive data standards, and to help shape the direction of the initiative.


Publish open data about routes

Make it easier for walkers, cyclists & runners to find your routes online.

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Use open data in your products and services

Using open opportunity data can help you add more value for your customers.

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A community for developers

Join our developers’ community and get support from the ODI technical team.

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Encourage others to publish & use open data

Help us to embed OpenActive as standard practice for the sector.

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