Understanding the basics

Open data in the activity sector

Understanding open data is the first step to using it. This module looks at what open data is, and why we need it in the sport and physical activity sector.

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Creating impact from open data

This module looks at how we can create impact with open data. It covers opportunities for the public sector, innovation and growth in business, and how society is changing.

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Diving a little deeper into what you can do with open data

Prioritising data to publish openly

Deciding which data to publish openly can be difficult. This module looks at how to prioritise which physical activity data to publish for the biggest impact.

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How to make your data useful

To realise the benefits of open data, the data needs to be of a good enough quality to use. This module looks at what quality data is and provides some simple checks to minimise problems.

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Looking ahead: the future of open data and the physical activity sector

Physical activity data: the future

In previous modules, we looked at what open means. In this module we will explore different degrees of openness, what the future looks like, and the journey to get there.

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Business in an open data-led sector

A big question that comes with opening up data is “how will businesses be affected?” This module looks at the current market, and the impact an open future will have on the physical activity sector.

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Inspired to get involved?

Publish open data

Publishing open data about activities will help you reach new audiences.

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Use open data

Using open opportunity data can help you add more value for your customers.

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Add OpenActive functionality to your system

OpenActive functionality supports the publication of open data.

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Encourage others to publish and use open data

Help us to embed OpenActive as standard practice for the sector.

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